The Cost of Eating Healthy

People always say that eating healthy is expensive and it is. That’s no joke and it’s not really an excuse, either. That’s how they have it set up. The thing is, would you rather eat less food with higher nutritional content or more food with no nutritional content at all?

I’m not a rich person but I have managed to buy almost exclusively organic for the past year. How? By buying less. This actually works great for portion control because there is no endless snacking during the day or just eating because you’re bored. We don’t eat much grain at all. No corn, no soy and very little wheat. I eat no bread. Our bodies were not meant to digest and consume breads. Modern wheat is also a perfect poison according to many doctors, because of genetic modification and virtually 100% of corn and soy in the United States are genetically modified. Besides all of that, grains are what they use to fatten up livestock; you can be sure it works the same way on you and your family.  I buy no processed food either. We are much healthier now because of this; my husband and I lost 20 lbs each over the course of just a few months. This is a fantastic weight loss program. The results are unequalled.

A lot of people aren’t sure how to start buying healthier. There are a few tenets when it comes to buying and consuming healthier food:

  • Avoid food that comes pre-packaged or pre-cooked
  • Avoid food that has a TV commercial
  • Avoid fast food restaurants
  • Avoid ingredients that you don’t recognize

To these, I would add a few more:

  • Avoid artificial colors, preservatives, ingredients & additives
  • Research the benefits of organic foods
  • Research GMO foods
  • Cut down on grains & wheat in your diet
  • Eat natural meat

If something contains corn, soy, sugar beets (as in, not cane sugar), papayas, zucchini, cottonseed, canola, corn, rapeseed, soybean or vegetable oil, it is probably largely GMO and should be avoided. Same with everything dairy. Sounds easy at first, until you look at labels and realize that nearly everything contains these things and usually more than one of them. Most things contain corn, soy, sugar made from sugar beets and any of the assortment of oils listed above. Check for yourself the next time you go to the grocery store. It is in almost everything.

If you eat meat, you want to eat poultry that is fed organic grain or soy-free grain feed if you can find it. You want chickens that are not given antibiotics, hormones or anything that is not natural. The chicken should not be humongous; chickens are small birds and these 5lb breasts off of chickens are absolutely not natural or normal. Here in Pittsburgh, we can buy Amish farm chicken. It is not only the right size and natural, the taste is absolutely fabulous!

For pork, it is about the same as poultry. For beef, you want grass-fed and pasture-finished. No antibiotics, no hormones, no steroids.

If you consume milk or dairy (which I don’t), you want milk with no bovine growth hormone, steroids or antibiotics. Luckily lots of stores are jumping on the organic bandwagon now, so things are much easier to find.

Your local farms are a great way to eat organic. Check out and see what’s near you. is very helpful, too.

The cost of eating healthy is higher than not eating healthy but you will save money on other things, like medications, hospital bills and more. So many illnesses are directly related to what we eat. That cannot be stressed enough. This is not a fad or a New Age healing technique. It’s simple common sense. In the long run, eating healthier is much more cost-effective than not eating well.

More info here and here.


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