What is Nutritional Adjustment Therapy?

One of the hardest things about talking to people about food is that people just really have no idea what they are eating. They aren’t really resistant, they are just uninformed. All the chemicals in processed foods… most people have no idea what they are eating, what these things actually do to you and how dangerous they are. Most people have heard about heart disease and clogged arteries but they don’t realize that the things they are eating also cause problems in your body now. It isn’t just clogged arteries after 40 years or a stroke when you’re 50. It’s right now, today.

Your autoimmune disorder, your anxiety, your panic attacks, your depression, your psychiatric symptoms, your child’s behavioral problems, your child’s ADD and hyperactivity, your weight gain, your diabetes, your adema, your allergies… these things and so many more could be directly caused by what you are eating. I know someone who completely eliminated migraines from her life by cutting monosodium glutamate (MSG) and autolyzed yeast extract (AYE) — which contains MSG — out of her diet.

I suffered from what I eventually came to think was multiple sclerosis and diagnosed panic disorder for almost 15 years. I had so many terrible symptoms. Burning, itching, rashes, cramps and spasms, pulled muscles for no reason, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, fevers, lethargy, hot and cold flashes, sweating, shaking, tremors, muscle weakness, hypoglycemic attacks every 2 hours, headaches, intolerance to heat, heart palpitations… This wasn’t once in awhile. This was every single day. Through it all I never really thought about what I was eating. Like most people, I only really thought about food when I was hungry and even then, I only thought about it insofar as how I could stop being hungry. I didn’t think of food as fuel. I knew it was fuel, the same way we all do but for some reason, I just never thought about it. I didn’t think of nutrition at all or the fact that consuming so many unnatural substances and chemicals had to be hurting my health.

GMO foods were becoming a hot topic around this time. I started reading up on them. The more I read about food in general, the more concerned I became. I began to avoid more and more foods, until I was no longer eating processed foods at all and eating only natural, organic produce and meat. I also stopped drinking many beverages and only drank distilled water. Once I no longer ate processed foods at all, all of my symptoms were virtually gone in three months. I also lost over 20lbs. and so did my husband. I had no idea that cutting these foods out of my diet was going to change my life the way it has but it cannot be denied. It has now been over a year and neither my symptoms nor the weight have returned.

The problem is, people can’t believe things like that. There are opioids in foods now that make you literally addicted to them but people can’t seem to believe that, either. They can’t believe such awful symptoms and illnesses can be that easy to fix, even though a lot of times they are with Nutritional Adjustment Therapy. If you are suffering from any chronic illness, autoimmune disease or even odd feelings and symptoms that you cannot seem to explain, Nutritional Adjustment Therapy could work very well for you.

Nutritional Adjustment Therapy is exactly what it sounds like. You are adjusting your nutrional intake in order to treat the symptoms you are experiencing. It can be a miracle for many people. I am the creator of this program and also a “patient” of it. It has changed my life.


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