When I think about food and how people today eat – or really anything about our current society – one word comes to mind: moderation. Something people today don’t seem to understand is that as long as something is done in moderation, it’s generally OK. But everybody has to go overboard. They can’t drink an energy drink once a week or so; they have to drink them every day, all day long. They can’t eat McDonald’s once a month; they have to eat it every single day. They can’t use their phone or computer in their spare time or only for certain things; they have to be on it every second to the exclusion of everything else. They can’t play video games occasionally; they have to play them for 12 hours a day. It’s always all or nothing with everybody. There can never be a happy medium. People are obsessed with bigger, better, faster, more! They have to have the best, the newest, the easiest, the flashiest. No one can relax. Everyone suffers from anxiety and depression because they’ve been taught you can never relax and you can never be happy. MODERATION is the key word in all things, ladies & gentleman. Remember that & you’ll live to be older & happier.

Meditate. Moderate. Celebrate.


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