How Can You Go Green? Work From Home!

No commute. No traffic. No gas. No emissions. No rush. No being forced to eat “garbage” food from fast food restaurants. Working from home may be one of the biggest things you can do to go green this year. Your job might offer telecommuting for your position, at least part time. There are more and more companies that offer legitimate opportunities as well.

If any of you are looking for a new gig and want to stay at home with your kids or your dogs or whatever while you do it, I know of a few real companies that provide real jobs where you can telecommute. I am working with one now that pays about $16/hr to do inbound customer service for a big wireless company, 20 hours a week minimum requirement (this means you HAVE to work at least 20 hours a week; you can work more if you want). You have to do your own taxes though, just so you know that. They use a W-9, not a W-2. I know a few other legit companies, too: , , and There are others as well. Visit these and apply. If you’d like more info before you apply to these, message me here or through The Little Shaman on Facebook. 

*Alpine Access only operates in certain states.


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