A Few Words About Marriage

I found the following on a website. Before anyone gives a hard time about the “serving” part, perhaps you missed where she said he serves her, too. In a marriage, that is what you are supposed to do: serve each other. If you are one of those people, carry on and good luck with that. It’s their marriage and none of your business anyway.

I have been with the same guy for 10 years, sometimes facing problems everybody has and sometimes facing problems nobody else has even heard of. Before I was married to my husband, I was with my daughters’ father for 9+ years (though I never married him). Marriage is not easy. You have to be willing to break, bend and stand your ground. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes all at once. In a marriage, you have to be everything to each other at one time or another. This includes bad things sometimes. Marriage is not about having uncompromising standards. It’s about compromise.

Making a commitment to this ONE PERSON being the LAST person you will ever sleep with, the ONLY person you will ever live with, the SAME person you will see every single day, day in and day out for the next 60+ years is a very big commitment. It’s HARD. This person will piss you off. They will hurt you. They will annoy you and get on your nerves. YOU will hurt THEM, annoy them and get on their nerves. Some days you might just want to kill this person. Some days you might want to punch them or choke them or wish you never met them, or that you’ll never see them again. That is all part of it. You might go through days, weeks or even longer where it seems like all you do is fight. Your sex life will change. Everything changes all the time. But you don’t give up just because it isn’t as easy as you think it should be, or as easy as Hollywood and Disney have led you to believe.

From iacknowledge.net

The note you’re about to read is a beautiful tribute of love written by a wife to her husband. Unfortunately, her husband never received the note – the note was found lying in a Target store aisle by the daughter of Reddit user exitmusic99. By posting these photos, the Reddit user is hoping that the intended recipient sees them – when you read the note, you’ll see why he deserves to!

The names have been blacked out to respect the privacy of the family. It’s an intimate, touching note that we can all learn from!

note1 (1)




This note embodies the love and gratitude we should all share with our loved ones. Please share this lost letter with others, to encourage appreciation – or perhaps reach the author or husband!


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