What Really Happened To The Kids in Le Roy, New York?

Interesting insight on something that happened awhile ago in New York.

Modern Pioneer Magazine

In the fall of 2011, a group of teenage girls from Le Roy high school in New York developed a variety of uncontrollable tics and spasming behaviors. After national exposure, the girls – ALL 15 of them – were diagnosed by doctors as suffering from stress-induced “conversion disorder” (a psychiatric diagnosis) and “psychogenic illness” (mass hysteria).

The media did what they could to paint this as hysterical teenage girls looking for attention. They ignored the other symptoms the girls were having (sore muscles, flu-like symptoms, extreme fatigue) and the fact that they continued to tic, seize and have tremors even while asleep and even under hospital sedation. They ignored the fact that apparently, a lot of people from that area are ill and have problems. Articles and news stories attempted to show “stressful precursors” to the onset of symptoms, even though none of the kids reported feeling any more…

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