About The Little Shaman

The Little Shaman ☽☯☾ is an ordained minister, shamanic spiritual counselor, medicine woman, aromatherapist, hypnotherapist, activist, an author, and a specialist in narcissism/cluster b personality disorders. She has been working with people who have difficulties, disabilities and mental illness for over 10 years. She believes in natural living, natural healing and natural medicine.


16 thoughts on “About The Little Shaman

  1. Hi Little Shaman… I have been listening to your videos on narcissism and toxic relationships, and I just wanted to say how very clearly, succinctly, and sensitively you address this mind boggling, and deeply upsetting, issue. I really found them helpful, and I wanted to extend my gratitude to you. Because having read many books, listened to and watched many videos, read many articles, for me, the way you communicate, at least to me, feels very, very healing, and it seems to ‘fit’. I have had so many, many years of self doubt, but I do fully realise now that I am an empath, and I’m an empath who had veered very far away from her true nature. So clouded was my vision, so ignored and put down in favour of being defined by others, it was lost. I’ve had many years of inner turmoil – really, many – but I have somehow been ‘forced’ to face myself, really face myself, and although it has felt deeply painful, and very lonely, I know that it’s somehow part of the exorcism of what was, to what is now. There are many people out there doing great things, but I really think that you have a gift with communication. Thank you so much for that communication that I can truly hear. And I hope that one day, my increasing awareness of my inner self allows me to help in a similar way. Sent with heartfelt thanks….

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. They have touched me so deeply that I am really at a loss for words, so all I can say is thank you. It is words like yours that are the reason I do what I do. I wish you all the luck in the world. You deserve it. And yes, Pay It Forward. Don’t let your pain be in vain.

      If you ever need to talk or have any questions, please feel free to message me through my FB page.

  2. I just viewed your insightful video on ‘How Narcissists are made’. I became an immediate fan. Learning about Narcs is very tricky. I try to get as many different ideas, views and opinions as I can. Your experience speaks volumes and I thank you so much for your hard work. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Thank you for giving me knowledge on this I truly had no idea this really existed. The tornado in my life had gone to prison a few months back and it wasn’t until than that I started to “mal-function” for a lack of better words. I can’t really explain how my brain felt but almost like shock waves. My mind body head heart all felt heavy and I how I explain to my friends is PTSD. I felt like I hit a brick wall. I felt out of body. Really strange things. When he got to his first stop I told him that he needed to get mental help he laughed. I told him he was bi polar Because I didn’t know the difference. I am glad to say that he is on a daily basis getting help he look and sounds like he is on the right track. I am greatful of the separation but I still don’t feel like myself, listening to you is helpful. Thank you. I really want to be myself again! How long can this take?

    Thank you and please continue to educate is on mental health. You have help me and a lot of self doubt.

    Thanks again Tracey

  4. You are absolutely brilliant in your teachings about Narcissism. Never has anyone gotten into the physical and psychological mechanics of how they are made/wired they way that you have!! I feel like I learned more from you than anyone else, and I have done countless hours of research on the topic, being that I have just gotten out of a relationship with a covert Narc. When did you ever acquire the wisdom on this topic?

  5. I just found you … I have needed this for the passed 10 years.. I never knew what a narcissistic person was .. and never knew why or what makes my daughter abuse me so so bad deep and almost unforgivable.. but she is not in charge.. thank you so much for you .. you have done more for me in the last 2 weeks than i find or think about on my own .. my daughter is exactly how you describe.. keep up the good work.. ohh by the way i am from mckeesport PA.. 20 minutes from Pittsburgh

  6. Your straight forward.. don’t beat around bush.. and I can hear ur heart as you speak.. thank you for caring for those that do hurt.. God is with us

  7. Your videos have and continue to help me tremendously. You explain things so well and clearly. I am in my mid 50’s and am learning about my elderly mother through your programs. I feel like I am listening to a friend when I listen to your talks. Your talks have also help a few friends of mine who have been struggling with discarded by their partners. Thank you so very much! You are truly a gifted Shaman and we are blessed to have you. 🙂

  8. I’m so thankful for you and your insight on this treacherous state of being. By the grace of God, I came across your videos at the very epitome of my suffering of what I could NOT figure out about my spouse and to say the least, about myself! I was losing my mind and never have a felt so confused, betrayed, and abandoned. I now understand exactly what was going on and your videos have helped me to actually heal and perpetuate my situatin or repeat the vicious cycle. You are so wise and you speak with so much confidence and conviction. Thank you Thank you!!

  9. Not sure how late to the game I am here, but I believe we are all exactly where we need to be at all times.

    I’m 49 year old textbook empath with severe (debilitating) codependency. Have been in and out of therapy to address the same issues I cannot seem to have ever had a handle on: trust with men, abandonment, PTST from childhood abuse, and clinical depression. My most recent therapist diagnosed me with Histrionic, PTSD, Depression and a very mild sprectrum of BPD.

    I have a great group of friends, a stable career (14 years and counting), and no family life (no kids by choice). It’s my relationships with men (straight men) that are the issue. OR – I should say – it’s my CHOICE in men that are the issue.

    My love-life (what I think of ‘love’) has always been a spinning wheel of the same drama, different men.

    My most recent relationship has taken its toll on me (my choices!) to the point where I have had enough. I was driving home last night, and The Universe pointed me to your You Tube channel and now I am enthralled.

    Textbook behaviors on my part with my man (shared by other women, naturally): He’s an alcoholic, so I help support him after each time he gets fired (this last week, I paid his rent!), I am his biggest cheerleader, I gave him my iPad when he lost his at the bar, give him all my NetFlix and HBO etc passwords so he doesn’t have to pay for cable, it goes on and on. Pathetic. But I’m learning to forgive myself and have great tools from past therapists (it’s just getting REAL with myself that is the hard part).

    My reasoning – “he’s so charming, nice, works hard around the house for me, compliments me, is the best sex I ever had…”

    The truth – “he’s a pro”

    After listening to one of your many episodes on Narcissists (which, I own up to being in the spectrum myself), I finally chose action in a different direction – last night I changed all my passwords (no more free media for him, reported my iPad as stolen to it’s been deactivated, and also blocked him from my phone). This is coming out of LEFT field for him, because we have not had any fight or anything. I’m just DONE.

    Anyway, I’ll follow you on FB and would love to connect.

    My story (like so many of us) is not unique but there are very unique variables. Nude stripping and my body dysmorphia issues, cocaine and Molly addiction – and alcohol abuse (in the 80s and 90s).

    Feel free to read my blog – and check out my website – there are many photos that will explain why my self esteem was (and is, in many ways) so low. I had a major skin disease on my face leaving me with over 80% scarring on my face.

    I used to think this type of “love” (narcissists) was the only love I deserved.

    I am learning that nothing could be further from the truth. Thank you – and so great to meet you!

    Christine Macdonald

  10. For a very long time I have been trying to understand why someone I care for greatly is the way they are. This is a sibling I truly love but sometimes detest for the way she threats myself and other people. After a lot of research on line I think now I have the answer. Finally I discovered your site! You have no idea how much you have helped me. Everything you talk about is so right on the spot it is kind of scary.
    Probably the most important thing I have learned is how to respond and not react to her. I follow your guide lines and they have made such an unbelievable change in my life and how I deal with this person. You have given me so many answers to questions that have bothered me for a long, long time.
    I will continue listening to your videos and hopefully become a much stronger person because of you.
    I am grateful beyond belief that I now have someone knowledgeable to help me!

  11. I too…..like the others who have commented am completely in awe of your teachings….your perfect way to speak and the EXACTNESS of the issues I have and am now facing by entertaining my narcissist boyfriend of 5 years….I have never discarded as I am the epiphany of an empath….but have been discarded many many times for other women….he has left me numb, broken, financially struggling (not that he ever helped me financially…he never had a job since I’ve known him in 5 years…I just GAVE AND GAVE)…anyway thank you thank you thank you for your teachings…I listen and re-listen to them without ceasing …I fall asleep to your voice and teachings)…I am still weak in my mind and heart but your teachings are helping me with each passing moment…

  12. Wow. Heard you for the first time tonight & listened to one after another for several hours. I have been researching everything I can find on Narc abuse & recovery for three years now which helped me to see the truth & finally leave a 46 year marriage to a Narcissist. I am well along the road to recovery but I have not heard it so clearly explained by anyone as well as you. My sincere gratitude that you are reaching out to help in this way.

  13. I realized after watching your videos i was with a narcissist & got away from him due to your words. Thank you so much. I wanted to ask what is the best way for me to not get so upset over lil things & letting it ruin my whole day. I need to destress for my health… Love your words your truly amazing.

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