Booking an appointment

The Little Shaman now takes appointments from 4pm – 8pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Appointments are via text or over the phone. Appointments are client-directed and will vary. International calls are handled via Skype.

No weekend appointments.

Book here.

5 thoughts on “Booking an appointment

  1. Greetings, I am having trouble getting to your contact page to find where I can contact you so that has led me here lol, but i am honestly very drawn to your services…my email is in the description if you are able to contact me thru that, or just let me know where I can contact you directly , bless

  2. Your YouTube video ” 5 Things You Need to Know to Protect Yourself From Narcissists & Psychopaths” is by far the most on point and accurate description of what a relationship with a predatory narcissist is like. I extricated myself from this type of abuse in 2008. I can attest that what you say is accurate and your advice is excsctly how these toxic people should be dealt with. I thought I was crazy. My husband seemed in competion with me, would become angry and act out to sabatage me if I was complimented or had any type of success. I have had those convoluted round the mountain conversations where he contradicted himself by the minute and claimed we never even spoke about his lies ( which he acknowledged only minutes before).
    This is the best description of this insanity I have heard and I have done my homework . Your knowledge is outstanding.
    Thank you and keep spreading the word about this toxic, harmful and destroying personality type.
    Kindest regards,

  3. hi ..thank you for your videos. i would like to find out if you still take in calls regarding narcissistic abuse..please let me know. i have emailed you regarding this request..

    all the best to you..

  4. Ok im alittle turned off by by you saying in one of your episodes there is no unconditional love there is some of my back. Ground that i mite have been the scape goat. Kid but i have nothing but love in my heart i want a reading from u ithink your gifted. I think i mite be cursed but once off this rock i mite do alot better

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