sin2My approach to therapy and healing is very pragmatic and holistic. I believe in doing what works and not doing what doesn’t work. I believe in custom-tailored plans for every individual person, because everybody is different and the same thing doesn’t work for everybody. Most of all, I believe in empowering the individual and ending victim mentality. You are not helpless. Even when beseiged by people who treat you badly, there is always something you can do. Too many people just don’t really understand this and as a result, they suffer.

I try to find out as much about the person as possible. Too many therapists and doctors come to snap decisions after only knowing someone for an hour. I don’t do that. You will fill out a medical history, a nutrition report, an allergy report, a goal sheet, a spiritual philosophies guide and other things designed to help me understand who you are and what you need. We will also have a consultation (it’s free) to better-determine what you might need and if in fact I can help you attain it. If we decide we can work together, we will work out a schedule and type of appointments necessary. I will often assign you homework. I can be reached via Skype, email, text and phone. I can also meet with you in person.

I believe in honesty. There is an epidemic of bad therapists out there who are “treating” people they are not qualified or experienced enough to treat. If I believe that I cannot help you, I will tell you upfront. If during therapy, issues or illnesses are uncovered that require medical intervention, I will advise you to see your doctor and may postpone our next appointment until you do so. I speak in a very real and straightforward way. I’m sensitive, compassionate and caring but I also call it as I see it. I speak very naturally with children and teenagers. My approach and manner are friendly and personal, with lots of humor and insight. I will come up with a personalized plan for you. I am also creating lessons for clients that will enable them to take charge of their health, their weight and their lives.

Services provided at this time include:

☯ Spiritual Advisor & Spiritual Counseling

☯ Nutritional Counseling/Weight Loss

☯ Tarot Readings

☯ Meditation Instruction

☯ Aromatherapy Consultation

☯ LifeSkills Mentoring

☯ Natural Life Mentoring & Instruction

☯ Astrological Profiles & Charts

☯ Confessions & Absolution

☯ Wedding Ceremonies

Focusing on:

☯ Anxiety

☯ Panic Disorder

☯ Burnout (work or otherwise)

☯ Disorders of Arousal (all nervous disorders)

☯ Dream analysis

☯Hyperactivity, ADD & ADHD

☯ Depression

☯ Chronic pain

☯ Self-realization

☯ Substance abuse (supportive)

☯ Anger resolution

☯ Forgiveness

☯ Mediation

☯ Grief & loss counseling

☯ Relationship counseling

☯ Mental health (supportive)

☯ Self-esteem & identity issues

☯ Stress management

Specializing in working with difficult or disabled children. All services available online, over the phone or in person. All faiths – and no faith – welcome.


2 thoughts on “Services

  1. Greetings, I am having trouble getting to your contact page to find where I can contact you so that has led me here lol, but i am honestly very drawn to your services…my email is in the description if you are able to contact me thru that, or just let me know where I can contact you directly , bless

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