Stop Explaining to The Narcissist


Surviving The Narcissist Epidemic

There is a silent epidemic happening right under our noses: the epidemic of narcissistic abuse. People are experiencing it in their homes and in the workplace. They may not understand what is happening. They may feel they are going crazy. Even if they could prove the abuse they are suffering, they fear they will not be believed, and their lives are being ruined. By learning to recognize narcissistic abuse, we can stop it from happening to ourselves, our loved ones and our co-workers.

There is help. You can learn from this very book what to do to stop narcissistic abuse in your life – for free. ‘Surviving The Narcissist Epidemic’ is a manual that teaches you how to navigate your way successfully through the Narcissist Epidemic we are currently entrenched in. 67 pages of practical, common-sense advice for real-life situations. Download to your device or computer now!


Are There More Female Narcissists Than Male?

In this episode, The Little Shaman addresses a common question about how narcissism affects genders.

Are Hoarders Actually Narcissists?

With TV shows like Hoarders putting the national spotlight on hoarding, much has been learned about this debilitating disorder. But is hoarding more than just an anxiety disorder?

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Why Narcissists Abuse Their Loved Ones

In a world that is seemingly cranking out more and more narcissists by the truckload, empaths and other sensitive people are increasingly being preyed upon. In this series of articles, learn why narcissists abuse and what you can do to protect yourself from them. Click here to read more and when you are done reading, look beneath “More by this author.”