Live Q&A With The Little Shaman [Recorded]

I get so many questions, comments and emails that I thought I would do a live Q&A event to answer your questions. This has become a weekly event. Sundays 7:00pm EST.

I look forward to speaking with all of you! Hope to see you!

Narcissists, Borderlines & Psychopaths: How to Deal With Gaslighting

In this episode, The Little Shaman explains what gaslighting is and discusses how to deal with it, including techniques to stop it for good.

How to Do a Fire Cleanse to Get Rid of Negativity, Stress & Past Trauma

Stress, negativity and past traumas cause all kinds of problems, including anxiety, depression and physical problems like headaches, IBS and other digestive issues. In this episode, The Little Shaman demonstrates how to do a fire cleanse to rid yourself of negativity, stress, past trauma and more.

15 Foods That Naturally Detox & Cleanse

15 Foods That Naturally Detox & Cleanse